WPEngine vs eHost

WPEngine and eHost are very familiar names on the web. These companies provide WordPress and general site hosting services. The companies are valued by many clients because they meet the needs of the average user. Many people have a checklist when they are looking for a web host. Such a checklist is necessary because it protects your investment in the long term. A few people, however, overlook the necessity of reviewing the available options before making their investment. In any case, the most reliable way to gauge the best web host is definitely through familiarizing yourself with the various packages and features that they have on offer. In this regard, we put WPEngine and eHost on a scale to determine the better company of the two.

eHost Webhosting 2016

WPEngine vs eHost: Uptime

The first and most important measure of the performance of a web host is its uptime. The uptime determines the success of a good web host. A web host that has any sorts of instances of downtime is an absolute risk and should be avoided. Downtime can completely kill the business if not carefully considered. Of the two web hosts, WPEngine comes out on top with 100% uptime. eHost comes a bit short with over 99% uptime. This difference between the two is enough to keep you away from eHost.

WPEngine vs eHost: Speed

When measuring speed, a lot of things are put into consideration. The first one is the time that a single load takes. The other important test is the efficiency of handling heavy loads. In these two measures, WPEngine has over 4 times faster load times in both aspects. The difference here is quite significant considering that the end user will be affected by the delays in the server. While eHost may be a good enough host against other competitors, it is just unfortunate that it comes second to WPEngine. In terms of speed, WPEngine is the best choice.

WPEngine vs eHost: Reviews

Online reviews reveal that WPEngine has greater success than eHost. Most users applaud the web host for its extensive support of different architecture and platforms. The reviewers also explicitly express their fond attraction to the carefully produced system tools, interfaces and menus. eHost is reviewed positively as well, but the percentages of positive views are not even close to those given to WPEngine.

WPEngine vs eHost: Reliability

WPEngine is very reliable. The web host has successfully proved to be a strong player several times. When the statistics of the web host are analyzed, it is clear that it has a very high user retention. Clients who sign up to this host rarely leave. Such statistics are unfortunately not favorable for eHost. These facts go a long way in assuring clients that they will have a long and fruitful experience with WPEngine.

The bottom-line for the two companies is they definitely have a client base behind them. The main difference, however, is that more success is expected for the clients who invest in WPEngine’s products. This host is a top-tier company with a solid 5/5 rating.


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Justhost Features

Among the top hosting services providers we have in this day and age, Justhost seems to be taking the lead. This is not just because of their excellent hosting infrastructure, but also because they provide great services at a good price. This hosting provider is the ideal choice for individuals and small business owners who feel they need full functionality on a limited budget. Providing a complete web hosting solution experience to all clients, the host also has a number of unique features you will not want to skip.


Free domain name registration is one of the prominent Justhost features. A domain name is what points people to your site. It represents your presence on the web as well as your brand. With a free domain name, you get to benefit by simply worrying about the website to be hosted instead of the web address of that website.

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Setting up on Justhost is all about speed. With a dedicated infrastructure for hosting all your websites and web applications, this process is made as easy and pain-free as possible. All you need is determine the hosting requirements you want and the rest is done automatically for you.

In case you do not have a website ready, Justhost comes with a free site builder which is intuitive and very easy to use freeing you from the financial burden of having to hire a web designer to do the same thing for you at a much bigger cost.

Justhost also happens to have unlimited hosting space. This is very crucial especially for individuals and businesses whose websites or web applications keep growing over time. The unlimited hosting space provide ample space for scaling up and handles the extra data during peak load times.

If you are looking to set up email accounts on a custom domain for your business or yourself, then Justhost might be what the doctor ordered. With unlimited email accounts, the hosting service provider can also be used to receive and store your private organizational emails which can be easily accessed via a web interface with the right verification credentials.

Moving huge chunks of data in an out of your website or web application? Then there is no need to worry anymore. Justhost comes with unlimited data transfer both in an out of the infrastructure. Your application could be an online website where you sell books or music in digital form for instance. Such an application would require massive bandwidth in order to run smoothly and Justhost has just what you need.

Whether you have a single domain or multiple, Justhost has got the infrastructure to handle it. This is known as unlimited domain hosting and comes with round the clock technical support. This can be very useful in case you get into trouble with your server setup or cofiguration. The technical support team is responsive and very polite in handling issues that arise. They can get you out of a rut in hours you did not expect.

All in all, Justhost looks like a perfect host for small businesses and individuals alike who would like to establish their web presence on a trusted hosting service provider who has a robust infrastructure to handle huge web-scale loads. FOr more information, feel free to check them out.

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